Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Bar Exam Prep 2019 Camden 201
Nissen, Alison M
Comparative Law Camden 503
Livingston, Michael
Constitutional Law Camden 506
Freedman, Ann E
Constitutional Law Camden 506
Bosniak, Linda S.
Persuasion in Legal Writing Camden 513
Robbins, Ruth Anne
Health Care Transactions Camden 514
Frankford, David
Criminal Law Camden 516 02
Kaplan, Margo
Criminal Law Camden 516 2
Walen, Alec
Evidence Camden 521
Advanced Legal Research Camden 522 01
Talley, Nancy B
Zhang, Jingwei
Legal Research & Writing Course Evaluations Camden 530
Legal Research & Writing/ Moot Court Camden 530
LAWR Camden 530 09
Campanella, Carolyn
Property Camden 536­ 01
Kovacs, Kati
Torts Camden 541
Friedell, Steven F
Global Trade Law Camden 547 01
Patterson, Dennis
Legislative & Policy Drafting Camden 548 01
Robbins, Ruth Anne
LAWR Camden 550
Robbins, Ruth Anne
Domestic Violence Reform: Responding to Abuse in Families with Children Camden 551
Freedman, Ann E
Natural Resources Law Camden 554 01
Kovacs, Kati
Estate Planning Camden 557
Hinkle, Herb
Bioethics, Babies & Babymaking Camden 562
Mutcherson, Kimberly
Domestic Violence Law Camden 564
Freedman, Ann E
Families Across Borders Camden 564
Freedman, Ann E
Comparative Bioethics: The New Genetics Camden 579
Frankford, David
Professional Responsibility Camden 582 01
Schalick, Meredith
Business Torts Camden 588
Feinman, Jay M
Pretrial Advocacy Camden 597
Freedom of Expression in the 21st Century Camden 602
Rosenblatt, Rand E
Law & Biomedical Ethics Camden 609
Frankford, David
Immigrant Justice Clinic Camden 611
Gottesman, Joanne
Health Law Camden 614
Frankford, David
Environmental Law Camden 622-01
Kovacs, Kati
Statutory Interpretation & Legislation Camden 623
Livingston, Michael
Refugee Law & Policy Camden 625 11
Sales Camden 632
Korobkin, Donald
Sales Camden 640 11
Sablove, Herb
Introduction to Federal Income Taxation Camden 649
Livingston, Michael
Federal Income Taxation Camden 649 01
Livingston, Michael
Trial Advocacy Camden 651
International Human Rights Camden 653 01
Stephens, Beth P.
Family Law Camden 658
Freedman, Ann E
Family Law Camden 658
Goldfarb, Sally
Jewish Law Camden 66
Friedell, Steven F
Antitrust Camden 662
Frankford, David
Real Estate Transactions Camden 668
Slover, William
Immigration Law Camden 669
Bosniak, Linda S.
Admiralty Law Camden 677
Friedell, Steven F
Business Planning Camden 683
Livingston, Michael
Secured Transactions Camden 690
Korobkin, Donald
Administrative Law Camden 694 01
Kovacs, Kati
Hunter Moot Court Camden 702 01
Gotthelf, Barbara
Appellate Advocacy: Hunter Moot Court Camden 702 11
Ames, Aysha
Oil and Gas Development Camden 705
West, Timothy
Sex Discrimination Seminar Camden 723
Goldfarb, Sally
Business of Law Camden 749
Kolodziejczak, Stanley
Election Law & Voting Rights Camden 761-01
Nussbaumer, Kirsten
Domestic Violence Camden 772
Chase, Victoria
Law and the Holocaust Camden 778
Livingston, Michael
Marshall Brennan Seminar Camden 782
Friedman, Jill
Children's Justice Clinic Camden 796
Simkins, Sandra B.
Audio Tape Camden 800
Hunter Moot Court Board Camden 800
CD-ROM Camden 810
Federal Courts Camden 822
Sclar, Diana
Course Evaluations Camden 830
DVD Camden 840
General Reserve Camden 860
Restatements Camden 890
Video Camden 900
Domestic Violence Camden CAMDEN30
Islamic Law Newark 001
Awad, Abed
Criminal Law Newark 002
Bergelson, Vera
Introduction to Chinese Law Newark 003 Li, Ji
International Tax Newark 004
Blum, Cynthia
Federal Income Tax Newark 005
Blum, Cynthia
Civil Procedure Newark 006
Bravo - Weber, Yvette
Torts Newark 007
Bravo - Weber, Yvette
Law and International Development Newark 008
Dadush, Sarah
Contracts Newark 009
Dadush, Sarah
Business Associations Newark 010
Dennis, Donna I.
American Legal History Newark 011
Dennis, Donna I.
Corporate Social Responsibility Seminar Newark 012
Dennis, Donna I.
Property Newark 013
Deutsch, Stuart
Criminal Adjudication Newark 014
Green, Stuart P.
Law of Armed Conflict Seminar Newark 015
Haque, Adil Ahmad
Health Care Law and Policy Newark 016
Ho, Christina S
Contracts Newark 017
Hyde, Alan
Mediation Newark 018
Hyman, Jonathan
International and Foreign Legal Research Newark 019
Kim-Prieto, Dennis
Family Law Newark 020
Kim, Suzanne A.
Gender and the Law Seminar Newark 021
Kim, Suzanne A.
Civil Procedure Newark 022
Kim, Suzanne A.
Torts Newark 023
Latin, Howard
Evidence Newark 024
Leubsdorf, John
International ADR Newark 025 Goski, Sheryl Mintz
Law & Humanities Newark 026
Mendlovitz, Saul
Debtor Creditor Newark 027
Ondersma, Chrystin
Civil Procedure Newark 028
Paradise, Brandon L.
Trial Presentation Newark 029
Raveson, Louis
Evidence Newark 030
Raveson, Louis
Art Law Seminar Newark 031
Roehrenbeck, Carol
Cultural Heritage Law Seminar Newark 032
Roehrenbeck, Carol
Intensive Deposition Skills Program Newark 033
Rossner, Andrew
Intensive Trial Advocacy Newark 034
Rossner, Andrew
Constitutional Law Seminar Newark 035
Sclar, Diana
Housing Seminar Newark 036
Simmons, Peter
Real Estate Transactions Newark 037 Slover, William
Criminal Procedure Newark 038
Thomas, George
Law and Humanities II Newark 039
Thomas, George
Legal Analysis, Writing and Research I Newark 040
Kim-Prieto, Dennis
E-Commerce Newark 041 Bick, Jonathan
Case Management & Judicial Administration Seminar Newark 042 Bakke, Holly
International Court of Justice Newark 043 Burroughs, John
Torts Newark 044
Troutt, David
Health Law Newark 045 Susan Volkert
Health Law Newark 046 Waynick/Faulk
Municipal Corporations Newark 047 Evenchick, Barry
Alternate Dispute Resolution Newark 048 Cohen, Arnold
Financial Statement Analysis Newark 049
Guseva, Yuliya
Awad, Abed
Special Education Seminar Newark 200
Canty-Barnes, Esther M.
Valverde, Jennifer
Intensive Criminal Trial Advocacy Newark 2001
CIVIL RIGHTS & CIVIL LIBERTIES Newark 20179:600:110:01
Pope, James
Criminal Law Newark 20310 1
Francione, Gary
Corporate and Commercial Mediation Newark 20490 Goldstein, Bruce
Problem Solving Justice Seminar Newark 20842
Food and Drug Law Newark 50
Ho, Christina S
Administrative Law Newark 51
Ho, Christina S
Advanced Legal Research Newark 522­01
Joergensen, John P.
Immigration Law Newark 597
Immigration Law Newark 597
Commercial Law Newark 603
Ondersma, Chrystin
Regulatory State Newark 676
Noll, David
Administrative Law Newark 701
Gold, Steve C
Advanced Contracts Newark 723
Mazo, Eugene
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